Dog Paw Cleaner Cup Soft Silicone

Clean your dog's paws with ease and faster than ever before!

Dogs love to play in the dirt and mud – it’s natural. As a dog owner, we enjoy letting our pups do what they do best while outdoors. Unfortunately, that means frequently cleaning doggy paws after digging holes or even just from a few minutes outside to go to the bathroom after heavy rain. However, thanks to a wonderful and innovative dog paw washer, we now have easier options for cleaning our dog’s paws, and properly cleaning paws may be more important than you think.


  • This Incredible pet washer is compatible with small dog breeds like Teddy, Pug, Mini Pinscher, Chihuahua French Bulldog, Schnauzer, etc.
  • Take care of the best suitable size for the pet foot diameter.
  • 360 degree Foot washer cup is easy and convenient to use.
  • This is an ideal choice as it removes mud, dirt, and road salt and lawn chemicals from the paw.
  • It helps to keep cars, floors, and furniture dirt free.
  • The dog-friendly Paw washer helps by using soft gentle silicone bristles to remove mud and dirt.
  • Completely safe and painless - It’s like a spa day for your dog! Even the most stubborn dogs love the Paw Cleaner.



Material: Plastic & Silicone

Colors: Orange, Blue, Green

Size:S, M, L

Suitable for:Small and Medium Dogs


What’s in the box?

1 x Pet paw Cleaning Washer


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